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2003 mitsubishi lancer 2003 mitsubishi lancer
    2003 Mitsubishi Lancer Review, Peleg

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Lancer Evolution VIII

 ModelLancer Evolution VIII
 What things have gone wrong with the car?- The front mount intercooler needs a grill to protect from rocks.

- Ride may be harsh for some people, but this is a performance car, not a Caddy.

- No 6th gear.
 General comments?I'm in the market for the WRX STi, but got a chance to test drive the Evo today.

Car feels pretty solid, the interior isn't too much, but not as bad as I thought the first time I saw it.

Looks are nice, I dig both cars but that's a matter of taste.

Performance wise, this car delivers. It's pretty decent off the gate, but after a second or so, the engine just explodes with torque and the whole car pulls like a beast on stereoids. Cornering was very impressive, it is more nimble than the STi. The power curve isn't as liner, but still very good.

Overall, if you're single or married and want a PERFORMANCE sedan with wicked styling and insane power, this car might be for you. Again this is an extremely high performance car, if you're a parent this is defenitly not a car for you 16 yr old to learn how to drive on. It looks funny, but it's very serious performance.This car can take a stock Trans Am, as I witnessed at the track.
 Previous car2004 WRx STi - much smooth power curve, better low end due to bigger motor and less boost, nicer interior.

Review 2003 Mitsubishi Lancer Peleg
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