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I have had my lancer for just about two years, and have had no problems. I have everything done to mine but a turbo or nos. Once you free up those kinks in the exhaust and intake system, this car will and can hang with the best of them. As far as track times for those of you who are concerned. The first time with just an intake was a 16.99, then with...

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US Will Be First To Get New Mitsubishi Lancer

TOKYO In an unusual move for a Japanese automaker, U.S. consumers will be the first to get behind the wheel of the all-new Mitsubishi Lancer, reports the Nihon Keizai Shimbun. The sedan, which will be equipped with a four-cylinder engine, will be introduced in Japan in fall 2007, about six months after its U.S. debut.

The current-generation Lancer was introduced in Japan six years ago. The bulk of sales for the upcoming version of the car will come from the U.S. Mitsubishi expects to sell about 50,000 Lancers here next year, which would account for the largest portion of the vehicle's global sales.

Japanese consumers are shifting away from the Lancer, which is considered a midsize car in the home market, in favor of 660cc minicars.

What this means to you: Minicars now account for nearly one-third of Japan's new vehicle sales, which is one reason why the Lancer will hit American shores first. Another reason: Mitsubishi's star is fading fast in North America. Line

US Will Be First To Get New Mitsubishi Lancer
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